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Ghost Story (Dresden Files Series #13)

Ghost Story (Dresden Files Series #13) - This is absolutely one of those times where I want the half-star. This isn't a four - but it sure isn't a three either. It's on the four side of 3.5, though. So.Anyway...This book is a reset, a season premiere, a "hey, welcome back - let's have a little adventure that shows us how things have changed" before the plot really kicks into gear. As a result... it feels a little unnecessary, dare-I-say. Harry's still great, everyone else is still great, the world is getting increasingly messed up... and to top it all off, our main man is a ghost. Exciting? Sure. But considering we all know one very important and crucial fact (seeing as the series is expected to run to about 23 books...) a bit anticlimactic at times.Read it because it's Dresden. And get exciting for the back half of the series - because I think it's gonna be a whopper.Full review at Raging Biblioholism: http://wp.me/pGVzJ-gW