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The Dark Glamour: A 666 Park Avenue Novel

The Dark Glamour - Gabriella Pierce A kind of pointless "middle sequel" novel - sets up the third book but ends up feeling a bit like wasted time. Jane doesn't seem to've carried her emotional/mental growth over from the first book and the action is far less important in every sense... until the sudden ending comes up. The first book had a pulse, something deeper - this one sort of just skims along, superficially. It was a pleasant enough guilty-pleasure read, but I expect more from this series. You can't skate by on the few charms this book had without giving me the promise of a return to the somewhat grander pleasures of the first. Let's hope that third (and any other future books) are more like book one than book two!I basically say exactly this but in a longer fashion over at Raging Biblioholism: http://wp.me/pGVzJ-hQ