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Beat the Reaper: A Novel (Dr. Pietro Brnwa Novels)

Beat the Reaper - Josh Bazell A smashing debut, hopped up on the fumes of too many loooooong days as a medical resident mixed with the gasoline-esque kick of a mafia tale. Our main character, Pietro Brnwa/Peter Brown, is a mix between Daniel Craig and Dr. House. He's smart, he's savvy, he's a hell of a fighter, and he's funny to boot. The plot isn't going to surprise you all that much, although the details are original enough to keep you interested. Consider this book a fun diversion AND a downpayment on the rest of the series. Because I think we're going to see quite a bit more of Bearclaw and I for one look forward to it.Oh and keep an eye on those reaper drawings. That alone is worth the price of admission - it's the little things.More about this (and about the reaper drawings!) over at Raging Biblioholism: http://wp.me/pGVzJ-lg