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Green Girl

Green Girl - Kate Zambreno A difficult book to discuss. I spent over 1000 words at RB trying to sum up my thoughts and come to a ratings consensus. Mostly, I just feel numb - like when listening to "Avalanche" by Ryan Adams and wanting to just, exactly as that song's protagonist does: "fall apart in the avalanche, fade out like a dance, crawl back into bed when it's over." It is a book about the existential sadness - depression barely describes it - that strikes twentysomethings when faced with a world that just doesn't work for them. Even the best of us, who have mostly awesome days, get struck by it. Ruth is far less lucky than that - and that makes this book just as difficult to read as it is to experience one of those days. I go on about this quite a bit more at Raging Biblioholism - and would love to strike up a discussion with other youngish readers about the book. There's something thought-provoking here but that doesn't necessarily make it a great book. The full review is here: http://wp.me/pGVzJ-mcBut seriously, let's discuss.