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The Tiger's Wife

The Tiger's Wife - Téa Obreht I'm a little disappointed - just a little - by this book. I think it was a terrific debut and full of beautiful writing, not to mention the introduction of one of the most original legends/characters I've heard in a while (The Deathless Man). But I also think it suffers from JSF Syndrome in that it's a whole lot of family talk and storytime that doesn't, in the end, leave you with all that much or make you feel much of anything. For every fantastic turn of phrase or moment in the story ("Water, please?"), there was a spell of me feeling like "this... doesn't matter", much in the way you might only half-listen to your great-great-aunt talk about some anecdote of her youth. So concludes my little semi-run at ToB12 books.... I'm gonna read some random other things for a bit before I take on the rest of my to-read-the-shortlist list. http://wp.me/pGVzJ-mG