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Saul and Patsy

Saul and Patsy - Charles Baxter Although the first hundred pages had me evocatively remembering summer '09 (for reasons I can't quite quantify, although I tried to in the big review), the last two-thirds go to something simply good. It's the Midwest, it's the story of a couple and their building of a family - what more could it really be? We've all read so many stories like this, what makes this one different? The thing that makes this one different is the character of Gordy, who only appears for a short while but impacts the rest of the story in a way that I wish... well, I wish Baxter had really taken that plot to its full extension. Instead, there's an attempt to be Stoner or something like it in the capturing of small-town life... but it's less interesting than it could've been. Still, Baxter has a way with prose and it was an enjoyable lite read. Thanks, as always, to The Biblioracle over at The Morning News. More on the book at RB: http://wp.me/pGVzJ-ph