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Great Expectations (Penguin Classics Series)

Great Expectations - Charles Dickens, David Trotter, Charlotte Mitchell Book Two, where Dickens takes the twentysomething Pip to London and raises him with 'great expectations' is startling in how accurately it captures what it means to be a twentysomething - except I'm talking about how accurately it captures that sense in 2012. So Dickens is indeed, as it turns out, the writer everyone has told me he is: the fantastic chronicler of the human condition. I'm thoroughly impressed if I do say so myself. Still, the book does drag a bit here and there, so he still isn't that unparalleled talent I want him to be. At least I now know the basis for Miss Havisham, though - Jasper Fforde, you prepped me but also ruined me a little for the great classics.More about what I mentersay at RB: wp.me/pGVzJ-q8