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Life After Life

Life After Life - Kate Atkinson A complex, ambitious book that falls short at the final hurdle (in my mind).This is beautifully written and it's doing some really impressive stuff with philosophy and chaos theory and parallel timeline/universe theory.... it's great stuff, fantastic to see an otherwise "genre" plot device deployed with such literary panache here. That said, I have some major problems with it that stopped me from falling whole-hog in love with it. My RB review (linked below) is full of spoilers so please, for your own sake, beware until you've read it - because it IS worth reading, for damn sure - but I'll be curious to see how others deal with (for example) what is, to me, a cop-out ending (even as it raises more questions). If you have a book club, I suggest you read it with them. This is a book that demands discussion, that you finish and simply want to talk about. In many ways, that's perhaps the best review any book could ask for. A VERY long and VERY spoiler-y review is over at Raging Biblioholism (http://wp.me/pGVzJ-FU) - I would love to hear your thoughts, any and all of you, once you've finished with it (the book and/or the review).PS many thanks to Little Brown for providing copies for me and my book club in advance of publication.