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NOS4A2 - Joe Hill Amazing. Career-defining. This is the big one, the epic that establishes Joe Hill as a titanic force in the fiction world. He learned a lot from his dad, yes that's true - but this book is on par with some of King's best work and it's only Hill's third (not including Locke & Key) book. It is massive, full of heart and life and terror and wonder. It's actually... it's hard to find words (beyond those used in the RB review, which is long and effusive) to explain the simple beauty of a novel like this. This is Great American Fiction, right here - tackling family themes and societal issues while also burning rubber to tell a heart-poundingly terrifying story. At 700ish pages, it practically flies out of your hands even in the slow bits. I stayed up two nights running until I fell asleep with the book on my chest because I could. not. put it down. I haven't done that in a very long time - so that alone should be praise enough.But if you need more... there's a lot more, fully deserved, at RB: http://wp.me/sGVzJ-nos4a2Seriously. If you take no other review I write seriously... take this one. This is an amazingly good book.