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Dewey Decimal System, The (Akashic Urban Surreal Series)

The Dewey Decimal System (Akashic Urban Surreal Series) - Nathan Larson This is really a 3.5 star review - GOODREADS, GIVE US THE HALF-STAR ABILITY! - but you do what you can. Taking the traditional guy-in-over-his-head noir structure, Larson sticks it in a dystopic near-future New York City (that's been decimated by flu and violence) and gives us a somewhat anonymous hero, a gentleman who's taken the name of Dewey Decimal. The book is most worth it for Dewey - he's brimming with quirks but all of them feel interesting and not like "oh, here's another quirk!" - and his System, as well as his smart-aleck voice. The plot won't surprise anyone who's ever read a noir novel but our hero(?) and the setting make it a worthwhile read. More at RB: http://wp.me/pGVzJ-Gy