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Building Stories

Building Stories - Chris Ware An incredible and complex examination of our lives of quiet desperation, told from the points of view of a bickering couple, an old landlady, a woman with a missing leg, an industrious bee, and the building that collects them all together. It's an intimidating object - the size, the price tag, the lack of roadmap, and so on - but it is also just a towering work of intelligence and feeling. Ware so beautifully captures what it means to be human. Not the extraordinary but rather the opposite: all of the absolutely totally ordinary. Life, death, birth, loss, sadness, joy, and everything else you can think of. It's all here, all wrapped up in these fourteen "easily misplaced" pieces of art and words and amazingness. I go on a little rhapsodically at RB: http://wp.me/pGVzJ-HePS: THIS IS A BOOK. I had the distinct pleasure of getting into this argument during the Tournament of Books this year and I'm happy to report that, upon completing the book, I was not in fact talking out of turn. This is a book, beautiful and crazy - it just doesn't look like the books you're used to.