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The Silent History - Eli Horowitz,  Kevin Moffett,  Matthew Derby A thrilling and challenging new way to experience a novel. Serialized as the oral history of a pandemic that strikes human children, starting circa 2011, the novel was first delivered as a chapter every weekday - it's now available as much as you can consume in a single go (the epilogue was delivered today, 4/19). But beyond that, there are Field Reports - written by readers - that can only be accessed in the spot where they are set. The reader is thus pulled deeper into the world of the story. There are a few problems and creaky points with the story itself - it suffers a little from feeling a bit too traditional and predictable, especially surrounded by such groundbreaking formatting - but the story holds up its end of the bargain by being a smart, considered yarn that makes you consider fundamental aspects of our humanity. I mean, there are plenty of real/traditional novels that don't even come close to doing that. But most importantly, this is a game-changer. This is the art form moving forward in a quantum leap and one that I look forward to experiencing further, in other stories and in other fields. I know I'm already dreaming of ways I could create stories with this sort of delivery system - this is an exciting time.More about the book at RB: http://wp.me/pGVzJ-HG