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Beautiful Ruins

Beautiful Ruins - Jess Walter More of a 3.5 - a solid 3.5, actually, just not enough to say 4 here - but we do what we can.I enjoyed this book but I also felt it to be a bit slight - like a good rom-com that you see on a date, maybe buy on DVD for stay-at-home date-nights... but that doesn't really change much about your life. Walter is a talented writer, turning some beautiful and some funny phrases... but ultimately, I didn't get much more than a lovely sunny summer read out of this. Seeing as it has been in the 90s of late, though, that feels just about right. I wouldn't've traded it in this moment for anything - so just time your read properly and you'll drift away like a boat on the water off Porto Vergogna.More at RB: http://wp.me/pGVzJ-Je