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Tampa - Alissa Nutting I walked away numb, to be honest. Celeste's sexual rapaciousness definitely provides some intense reading - and Nutting does a far better job at capturing sex than most authors (I sure hope Harper does something like "hey housewives, you think Fifty Shades was hot?") could ever hope to do. But what are we, as readers, supposed to take away / think about with this book? The sexy sex-times - or the fact that our main character is a sociopathic, pedophilic sex addict? Celeste Price, while as bad as they come, just isn't bad enough to be memorable.But boy oh boy does this book get you a little (uncomfortably, at times) hot under the collar. I'll be interested in seeing how people at large feel about this one once it hits shelves next month.More at RB: http://wp.me/sGVzJ-tampa