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The Big Reap

The Big Reap - Chris F. Holm Looking back, I almost regret being so vaguely snooty about the first book in this series. Holm has grown into the series and as a result deserves notice as one of the most exceptional writers working in the genre today. His faculty with language - presenting beautiful, thought-provoking digressions & conversations on MAJOR philosophical & religious issues... then hitting you with a hilarious smartass remark from Sam - is matched only by his evident joy in putting this story on the page. Even when it veers towards the outrageous or the predictable, you don't really care, simply because you're having as much fun as he is. You don't want to read this one without having read the first two (despite my potential recommendation to read this first, because it's so much fun) - but once you do read that, you'll get to this one in no time and be left gasping for more. It's just damn good stuff.More at RB (and some shade thrown at [b:Life After Life|15790842|Life After Life|Kate Atkinson|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1358173808s/15790842.jpg|21443207], just because): http://wp.me/pGVzJ-JV