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Life: A User's Manual

Life: A User's Manual - Georges Perec While the writing (and the translation) are at times superb, the overall effect of the book is suffocating. Had it not been a BookClub selection, I may well not've finished it. While I appreciate the idea that the banal must be recognized in order to enjoy the incredible, I do not seek to experience the banal in my reading. Reading, for me, is an escape, an adventure, something to be done to break the bonds of this reality and allow my imagination free reign. I live a moderately exciting life but I still have enough mundane banal experiences that I do not need to read a book that is mostly composed of them. Give me the stories that are interesting and unique - lose the lists (THE LISTS) and the overly-rigid structure and maybe I'd like this book a bit more. Lots of in-depth thoughts about a book that rightly deserves them over at RB: http://wp.me/pGVzJ-ke