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A Short Stay In Hell

A Short Stay in Hell - Steven L. Peck A terrifically thought-provoking novella about a Hell based off Borges' "Library of Babel". It's a philosophical examination of infinity and eternity, of the human capacity to adapt, and of religion and tolerance. Smart, funny, and surprisingly good at shrinking mind-boggling concepts into a comprehensible framework. Still, a library that goes on for lightyears in every direction that's mostly full of gibberish... a truly terrifying thought if ever there was one. Definitely worth your time - I sincerely hope this book gets picked up by a wider audience, as it might just go a little ways in helping our fractured society remember to a) laugh a bit, b) tolerate a lot more, and c) stop worrying so much about who is and isn't going to Hell - because if it does exist, it probably isn't what any of you think it's going to be. I'd love to send this book to every Santorum voter, see if we can't bring about a little more rationality and sanity. Jon Stewart, you ought to have Mr. Peck onto your show - it's an ideal conversation.More talk about philosophy and this wondrous little novella over at Raging Biblioholism: http://wp.me/pGVzJ-lM(PS: a big thanks to Strange Violin Editions for sending me a copy as a First Reads! So glad I got to read it!)