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Wild Thing

Wild Thing - Josh Bazell So, listen, to be up front with you: this is not a cryptozoology adventure. Which is what I at first thought it was. No no - our antihero Mr. Bearclaw Brnwa is back, this time a few years on the lam (again) and a cruise doctor. Things get weird when he meets a reclusive billionaire and even weirder when he's sent to Minnesota to track a lake monster. And that's only the half of it.It's NOT a retread of the first novel - nor is it just a lateral step. Bazell has definitely matured: his wit is sharper, he's writing smarter, and he's having some fun while he does it. That said, the resolution is a bit of a joke / a let-down and there's definitely some fat that could've been trimmed. But all that aside... What a damn fun read! I mean that truly and sincerely. Let yourself enjoy the snappy writing and the ridiculousness. We could all use some of that now and then.More about just how crazy it is - with LOTS OF SPOILERS AND LOTS OF CURSING - at Raging Biblioholism: http://wp.me/pGVzJ-qb