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Fear Institute (Johannes Cabal 3)

The Fear Institute  - Jonathan L. Howard The best of the already pretty fantastic series, this time tipping hats to Lovecraft and classic adventure novels. There's so much packed into this book that it's hard to discuss it with any brevity. It's a worthy addition to the series and makes me long for more more more! Also, fun fact: not currently published in the US because, I guess, US publishers are (EXPLETIVE DELETED). So - and I say this literally - you should write some emails if you want to read this book. You can do what I and other enterprising readers have done and get it from the UK.... but I say, man! Publish it here too! Tell them we Americans have an appetite for smart, droll, well-dressed, vaguely evil necromancers!More about the book at RB: http://wp.me/pGVzJ-qY