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Ghost Light

Ghost Light - Frank Rich I'll give it the extra half-star here. It's a beautiful, magical memoir of theatergoing. Sure, there's family life and suburban angst and even some real socio-political stuff - and of course the inherent drama of being a teenager at any time - but this book is really about the theater. And the magic of going to, being a part of, and otherwise experiencing it. If you like theater, you need to read this book. You'll leave it feeling warm and fuzzy and happy inside. If you don't like theater, steer clear. Anywhere in between... my guess is, you'll come out wanting to go buy a ticket to a show.if only they were still $4.50 or even 9.50, as they were back in the day. Le sigh.More at RB: http://wp.me/pGVzJ-rj