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May We Be Forgiven

May We Be Forgiven: A Novel - A. M. Homes Another excellent recommendation from The Biblioracle.This book is overstuffed (like a good Thanksgiving turkey) with action. The first forty pages alone have enough to sustain an entire book - and that trend doesn't let up. It is sometimes tiring to be going to fast for so long... but the meaning, in the end, is what's important. And while you feel as though certain things (like the whole Nixon subplot, which feels oddly tacked on) are given the short shrift, the general combination adds up to something far greater than the sum of the disparate parts. It's a good Thanksgiving novel - and the image of the very 21st Century Family, around the table at Thanksgiving at the end of the book, is indelible. That alone makes the trek worthwhile. More about the crazy of the novel at RB: http://wp.me/pGVzJ-rQ