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How Shakespeare Changed Everything

How Shakespeare Changed Everything - Stephen Marche His heart is in the right place and I hope this book helps inspire kids who might've otherwise ignored Shakespeare... but I'm sick and tired of authors who want to write the cool hip Gawker article on Shakespeare. Yes, he did change everything. Yes, half of the things you say on any given day probably came out of Shakespeare's plays and poems. Yes, his work has sustained because it continues to hold the mirror up to reality and take on whatever reflection it needs to in order to present the fairest show of the time. But anyone who says, within the first chapter or so, that Obama's 2008 presidency is "Othello with a black wife" immediately disqualifies himself from being taken remotely seriously - unless he's writing a Gawker article. More barely-restrained ravings at RB: http://wp.me/pGVzJ-tl