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Gone Girl

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn The hype is both true and wrong. At the end of this book, you will be panting from the exertion of ripping through it - because around page 150, things start to speed up and then around 250 they just freaking explode. But the beginning is so overwhelming with its constant "you don't know everything! I'm hiding things from you!" authorial intervention that it tried my patience. That and the final twist's logic (although not the twist itself, which I liked) was so head-scratching compared to everything else that'd come before.......but it's also a damn fine read. Amy Dunne is a hell of a character and the plot, with its many twists and turns, is so well-executed that I can forgive some bumps in the road. It's a summer read for the highbrow set, for the people who you know would love a good mystery but are too ashamed to walk into the mystery section (for whatever reason). It's got some terribly thrilling scenes - I'm just not sure it's the best thriller in years. But that's a quibble. More (with lotsa spoilers, sorry) at RB: http://wp.me/pGVzJ-Ev