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Crooked Little Vein

Crooked Little Vein - Warren Ellis Nasty, brutish, and short. It'll take you a day or two at most to read, assuming you don't get too grossed out by some of the (apparently very real) awful things that take place. Yeah, I gotta say, this is like [b:American Gods|4407|American Gods|Neil Gaiman|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1258417001s/4407.jpg|1970226]' dark-mirror twin: a super-messed-up road trip across the underworld of America. Only instead of dealing with gods and deities, you're just dealing with people at the very worst / most-human. I'm not sure I can differentiate between the two, which might be the point. That or people, in general, are just kind of awful. No matter where you go in this country. Freedom comes at a hell of a price, man - and that, too, feels like Ellis' point.But it's not all doom and gloom. This is a hilarious darkness, written with speed and witty panache. Indulge your dark side a bit - give it a whirl. More at RB: http://wp.me/pGVzJ-F7