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Who Could That Be at This Hour?

Who Could That Be at This Hour? - A bit more 3.5 - it feels, at times, like it's largely just set up for the circumstances of the rest of the series, no matter how many shenanigans occur over these 250ish pages - but a solid return from Mr. Snicket, who returns to tell us the story of a different young person than the Baudelaire orphans: himself. And instead of riffs on Gothic tradition, it's very much a Noir kind of story - with hard-boiled descriptions, deceptive dames, unreliable advisors, and more mystery than you could shake a stick at. The real question you should be asking yourself is not whether to read this book (that's the wrong question) but rather why it has taken you, like it took me, so long to do so. Especially if you liked those Unfortunate Events, which the author would regret if you said you did and hopes that you read any other book than this. That's why he has reviewers, to tell you that it IS in fact worth reading.More at RB: http://wp.me/pGVzJ-Gj